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MHC's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Anime Club
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4th-Aug-2011 01:25 pm - The Host Club Goes Live!
I recently discovered that our beloved band of gorgeous boys (plus one girl) is getting the live-action treatment! Yes, folks, there is now a live-action adaptation of Ouran High School Host Club! It started airing in Japan on July 22. You can find the first episode online. It's not subtitled (of course), but if you have seen the first episode of the anime or read the first chapter of the manga, then you may be able to follow what's going on despite the lack of subtitles.

(Warning to those of you who have only seen the anime: The first episode of the live-action follows the first chapter of the manga more so than the first episode of the anime.)

Can I just say that the live-action Kyouya is almost as intimidating as his manga/anime counterpart? No, not almost--he is as intimidating as his manga/anime counterpart. Kawaguchi Haruna (Haruhi) does a great job of pulling off Haruhi's shifting between casual disinterest and "damn these rich people" attitude. And Tamaki...good lord, Tamaki. ^O^
14th-Apr-2011 04:00 pm - Where have I been?
 Sorry you guys, I've been busssy as heck for a while!  But now my LJ account is back up and I'm ready to have fun!  If only I can figure out how to use it...
26th-Mar-2011 08:35 pm - Green Lantern anyone?
I am on Hampshire's animation email list and they have GREEN LANTERN  news. The artist is visiting UMass March 30th 7:00pm 106 Thompson.

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1st-Feb-2011 04:17 pm - It's Open!
Hello, so Anime Boston is now accepting applications to be a volunteer. They are open and I am happy to say that I have just submitted mine (I am greatly hoping to have it accepted/confirmed & also get a crash space)! It looks like great fun!

Here's the link:  http://www.animeboston.com/about/volunteering/
Happy New Year Everyone!

And now we are in January and J-term (soon)...So, there is actually a lot of news/announcement/opportunities type thingies I am about to post that should be of interest. It feels like a long time since I've seen everyone (though it's only been a few weeks) and January, the future, & everything is eventful.

Right, the summary of topics (because there really is no other way to organize this except by shinys):
  •  Bellatrix library J-term question
  • J-term cool classes of possible interest to Bellatrix members*
  • Anime Boston is putting up its Volunteer online application form shortly after New Years!
  •  Durarara has some translations (light novel) online

*including Hannah's Star Trek class, my Comic & Graphic Novel Creation class, and hidden MHC/Hampshire gems

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Introspective Farfarello
Shimeji! Ridiculously cute figures running around your computer screen, climbing up the edges of your computer!

Instructions are usually on deviantart pages, just search for Shimeji (Shimeji-ee for the program in English rather than Japanese) and go forth!

Be addicted! Be distracted! Muahaha! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

ps. http://4chan.chan4chan.com/cm/res/2431937 halfway down this page there is a compiled list of many many shimeji.
20th-Nov-2010 02:27 am - So you know Mushishi?
Porn, Sherlock
Apparently they made a live action movie... just thought everyone should know. *goes off to find it*
The pic links to the amazon listing, where you can see a trailer which look very visually stunning... to me at least.

8th-Nov-2010 03:42 pm - Winterval
Black Team
Hello, Bellatrix!

I apologize if this seems irrelevant, but I know some of you people write, so I figured this was worth a shot. I am a member of a Livejournal writing community called pulped_fictions, and they have an event coming up in the future that anyone is free to jump into! It's Winterval, a friendly original fiction writing and art competition between teams (I am on the Black Team, hence the icon). There will be a bunch of different winter-themed challenges in writing and artwork. The contest runs from December 1st to March 7th- much of it intersects with J-term, and who has anything to do during J-term anyway? The people on the site are awesome, so it should definitely be a lot of fun, if you'd like to check it out.

Click to join!
Introspective Farfarello
Fic! Because I'm procrastinating stuff that really shouldn't be procrastinated on.

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